Small Kitchen Project

While I was doing some canning I kept running into the frustration that is my spice drawer. It is impossible to find what I want when I want it in this mess.

I pulled everything out and realized that some of the reason the drawer was so very full was that there were many multiples. An example of a problem compounding itself. When you can’t find what you need, you go out and buy another. So, I decided that jars were what was needed.

Not quite there. These jars were too big and allowed only around 15 spices in the drawer. I don’t have another drawer to spare so, back to the drawing board. I went out and bought 24-4 ounce Ball jars and the plastic lids made to fit them.

This is just about right. I’d like a little bigger drawer (not everything we own spice-wise fit into this arrangement) but, the spices are relatively easy to find. I had to let go of spices that were purchased for one recipe and never used again. In the future, I’ll buy spices from the bulk department of the food co-op and buy only what I need for the lesser used varieties.


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