Small Kitchen Project

While I was doing some canning I kept running into the frustration that is my spice drawer. It is impossible to find what I want when I want it in this mess.

I pulled everything out and realized that some of the reason the drawer was so very full was that there were many multiples. An example of a problem compounding itself. When you can’t find what you need, you go out and buy another. So, I decided that jars were what was needed.

Not quite there. These jars were too big and allowed only around 15 spices in the drawer. I don’t have another drawer to spare so, back to the drawing board. I went out and bought 24-4 ounce Ball jars and the plastic lids made to fit them.

This is just about right. I’d like a little bigger drawer (not everything we own spice-wise fit into this arrangement) but, the spices are relatively easy to find. I had to let go of spices that were purchased for one recipe and never used again. In the future, I’ll buy spices from the bulk department of the food co-op and buy only what I need for the lesser used varieties.


Timing is Everything

I decided to start this blog on a whim at possibly the worst possible time. It was just before we left for a two week vacation in Arizona and, even worse, just before the start of school. So, I’ve been away. Busy hiking out of the Grand Canyon and trying to keep up with Ecology homework.